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J.J. Johnson is an accomplished speaker who has travelled throughout the U.S. speaking at various churches. If you are interested in booking him to speak with any media platform please fill out the form below.

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Media Kit Information Guide

Below is everything you need for any media inquiries

Sample Interview Questions:

1. In 60 seconds what is A King's Return about?
2. You chose to write A King's Return from 3 unique character perspectives. Why did you choose to write from multiple perspectives?
3. What are the main themes you address within A King's Return?
4. As a missionary why did you choose to write a fantasy fiction book?
5. In what ways can we as Christians use creative avenues more in spreading the gospel? 
6. How can readers walk away different from reading A King's Return? 
7. What inspired you to start writing? 
8. What is the target audience you are wanting to reach with this story?
9. How can someone interested find your book? 
10. What are the future plans for the story? Is this a standalone or a designed series?

A King's Return Summary

Islandia had been without a High King for a generation. Eloy, the last High King, embarked upon a journey shrouded in mystery after a cryptic warning found from a long lost prophet promised a return of ancient dark forces. Eloy had placed the rule of Islandia and the five kingdoms in the hands of his closest friend, King Richard. After thirty years most have long since stopped looking for Eloy's return or the darkness foretold. Many under Richard's rule have grown discontent and jealous of his appointment. All hope for peace is lost and chaos reigns after the icy hand of an assassin takes the life of King Richard and plucks him from the throne. What now? Will Prince Titus, Richard’s son, have the strength to hold Islandia together, or will it descend into war over the High King’s throne! The kingdom is divided by the sword as each must decide where their loyalties lie.

Author Bio

Jacob Johnson is a Career Missionary with Assemblies of God World Missions. He along with his wife Vanessa and daughter Kynleigh serves in Botswana, Africa partnering with the national church to empower university students. Jacob has the heart to see students discipled with a deep understanding of God’s love and purpose for their lives. He believes that it is only through living life together as a community can we truly be a light shining out into the world.

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